About us

Real Estate Investment Made Easy

First One X is a collective real estate investment platform that allows investors to invest in property in a simple, safe and diversified manner. Investments are placed in property with rental cash inflows, allowing you to earn your returns from the word go.

We pride ourselves with a dynamic team of property fanatics consisting of professionals with over 20 years combined experience in accounting, finance, town planning and property valuation.


Invest with us

Our crowdfunding approach is designed to simplify the process of investing in real estate.

Earn Returns

There are two ways to ways to get paid: ongoing cash distributions and share on the property’s final sale price.

Stay Hands Off

When you invest with us, you don’t actively manage the property- you enjoy passive income, while we become the landlord.


How it work?

Whether you’re a seasoned real estate expert or completely new to real estate investing, we make it easy to find the approach that’s right for you.